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Terascala Rolls Out Lustre 2.5.3 to Production

Intelligent Storage Bridge Fills Workflow Performance Gap

Boston, MA - December 8, 2014 - Terascala, the industry leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) storage management software, today announced that it has released open-source parallel file system Lustre® version 2.5.3 as part of its software stack that includes its Terascala® TeraOS HPC storage management software. Main features of this Lustre version include a Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) interface and a POSIX-compliant, client-side copy tool that uses this interface to move data between a high performance Lustre file system and lower performance, low cost, scale-out storage.
An ongoing problem with Lustre and other parallel file systems is that end-to-end workflows can be inefficient, as there is a bandwidth gap between Lustre®-based scratch storage and scale-out storage. Policy engines like RobinHood and Lustre® client-side copy tools make it easier to define when and how to move data, but the actual data movement is limited by the substantially slower scale-out storage. Terascala has solved this bandwidth disparity with its Intelligent Storage Bridge(ISB). The ISB is a highly available, clustered data mover that moves files in parallel up to 500 megabytes per second (MB/s) for each node in the ISB cluster. It replaces copy tools and has a command line interface for easy workflow integration. It is already being used by customers to reduce workflow execution from days to hours.
“Dell is pleased to continue growing our HPC Storage Solution (HSS) for the enterprise and provide Lustre 2.5 with Terascala,” said Neil Klosterman, HPC product manager, Dell Enterprise Solutions Group. “These solutions enable customer innovation by delivering the latest Lustre® functionality and shortest time to insight.”
“This new Lustre release allows our customers to transparently interact with scale-out storage from their high performance storage infrastructure,” noted Steve Butler, Terascala's chief executive officer. “Our focus on the end-to-end solution allows customers to get the most return on their HPC investment.”
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