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Courtagen Initiates Partnership with Bioinn Molecular Diagnosis for Distribution in Taiwan of Clinical Next Generation Sequencing Tests for Neurological and Metabolic Disorders

Bioinn Molecular Diagnosis to Provide Courtagen’s Clinical Testing to Clinicians in

Woburn, MA -- June 26, 2014 --Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., an innovative molecular information company, announced today an international distribution agreement with Bioinn Molecular Diagnosis, Inc. Bioinn is headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan. Courtagen continues to expand its international presence and is pursuing similar commercial relationships with leading distributors in markets around the world.

Often diagnosis of pediatric neurological and metabolic disorders is challenging due to the wide range of symptoms and severity. Multiple lines of evidence support that genetic factors play a pivotal role. Courtagen’s genetic tests take advantage of recent advances in Next Generation Sequencing technology, and enable new opportunities to elucidate genetic causes of disorders such as epilepsy, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, and mitochondrial
dysfunction to guide treatment to improve the patient’s quality of life.

"It's our great honor to cooperate with Courtagen," said Ms. Paulina Chao, Business Development Manager at Bioinn. "Their cutting edge NGS platform will help local clinicians and many families suffering from a complicated neurological or metabolic disorder."

“The distribution agreement with Bioinn is another important step in the execution of our global strategy to support the increasing demand of our products,” said Brendan McKernan, President of Courtagen. “We look forward to a successful partnership.”

About Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc.
Courtagen is a privately-held life sciences and molecular information company that converts genomic data into actionable clinical information for the diagnosis of neurological and metabolic disorders. Specifically, Courtagen focuses on mitochondrial disorders, epilepsy, and intellectual disability, including autism spectrum disorders. Courtagen’s state-of-the-art Next-Generation Sequencing clinical laboratory integrates genotype, phenotype, and disease mechanism data using cloud-based computing and custom analytical methods to provide the most comprehensive results for clinicians, patients, and their families to better understand and treat their disease. More information can be found at

Lori Emrick
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