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Courtagen Expands Next Generation Sequencing Test Menu for Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders

New Infancy and Childhood Epilepsy Panel and Updated epiSEEK®, the Most Comprehensive Sequencing Panel for Seizure Disorders

WOBURN, MA, February 26, 2014 --

Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. announces the immediate availability of an expanded Next Generation Sequencing test menu for epilepsy and seizure disorders. The latest epiSEEK® comprehensive panel features exceptional coverage of 489 genes associated with seizure disorders. In addition, Courtagen now offers a new Infancy and Childhood Epilepsy Panel, targeting 70 genes, for physicians requesting a more focused approach.

More Testing Options and Positive Patient Impact

Many patients have already benefited from testing with Courtagen’s epiSEEK® comprehensive sequencing panel. The new and updated panels provide flexibility to physicians, enabling testing of a targeted panel of genes or the most extensive genetic panel for the phenotype. “With these new panels, we are building on the success of our clinical genetic information and testing business,” said Brian McKernan, Courtagen’s Chief Executive Officer, “Based on collaborative work with key opinion leaders in epilepsy, we are moving quickly to incorporate the latest genes implicated in neurodevelopment disorders such as those associated with metabolic causes of epileptic encephalopathies, channelopathies, GABA receptors, and drug metabolism. Many genes have been included in the panel that are not only implicated in disease, but have the potential to positively impact options for treatment and improve quality of life for patients.”

Additional Next Generation Sequencing Panels are Soon to be Available

In addition to the existing genetic tests for epilepsy and mitochondrial disorders, Courtagen is in the process of expanding the menu of tests to include autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, and metabolism. Incorporating customer feedback is part of Courtagen Life Sciences’ commitment to deliver the latest products to improve diagnostic outcomes.

About Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc.

Courtagen is a privately-held life science company with a world-class Next Generation Sequencing and multiplex immunoassay operation that converts genomic data into actionable clinical information for the diagnosis of critical pediatric neurological and metabolic disorders. Specifically, Courtagen focuses on mitochondrial disorders, epilepsy, and autism spectrum disorders. Courtagen’s state-of-the-art clinical laboratory integrates genotype, phenotype, and disease mechanism data using cloud-based computing and custom analytical methods to provide the most comprehensive diagnosis for clinicians, patients, and their families to better understand and treat their disease. More information can be found at

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