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Frost & Sullivan Honor Underlines Courtagen Life Sciences' Commitment to Innovation, which Facilitates Breakthroughs in Biomedical Research


(Mountain View, CA – February 2, 2012) Based on its recent analysis of the clinical diagnostic tools market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. with the 2011 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation. Courtagen’s unique biomarker workstation platform, the Avantra® Q400, is intuitively designed and meets the need for a compact, highly sensitive, low-density multiplexed protein analysis system for research and clinical settings. This platform possesses several advantages for clinical laboratories, allowing clinicians to generate results quickly while keeping the chain of custody clear and simple.

The Avantra® Q400 measures biomarkers in a multiplex fashion, allowing the detection of up to 20 different analytes simultaneously. It can perform sample preparation in less than 4 minutes, and its run times range between 15 to 40 minutes. Furthermore, its easy-to-use design generates a simple walk-away workflow with minimal operator input, nearly eliminating human error. Lastly, with a highly compact design, the instrument features an incredibly small footprint, easily fitting into the smallest laboratories and point-of-care settings.

To work in conjunction with the Avantra® Q400 Workstation, Courtagen developed the QPDx® BioChip line of assays. Each BioChip is a fully self-contained multiplex protein immunoassay used for biomarker analysis in applications such as oncology, wound healing, several inflammatory disorders, biological threat detection, sepsis, and cardiology. Courtagen also offers custom BioChip development for clients with specific or proprietary testing requirements. QPDx® BioChips require only 100 µL of sample per chip, and measures concentrations as low as tens of picograms for highly sensitive detection of the analytes in question.

"QPDx® BioChips provide several advantages, including rapid results in as little as 15 minutes, CVs below 10% for superior reproducibility, and simplicity for all experience levels," said Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst, Christi Bird. "The entirely self-contained assay eliminates the need for additional reagent preparation, reducing human error and contamination that can cause skewed results."

In addition to its growing product portfolio, Courtagen plans to launch a genomics profiling and interpretation service in March 2012 using next-generation sequencing technology. With this launch, Courtagen will offer both proteomic and genomic solutions for its research and clinical customers.

The management team at Courtagen Life Sciences is relentless in its approach to building effective organizations that not only create great products but are also passionate about serving customers. The company inculcates and emphasizes a team based approach to excellence by driving quality across all operations, including product development, manufacturing, supply chain, and customer support. The firm couples leading edge science with world-class manufacturing techniques such as cell base manufacturing, root cause analysis, and comprehensive cross-training programs in its approach to creating value for its employees, stakeholders and customers.

"Courtagen employs a customer-inspired product development system, ensuring its offerings are of high market value and targets the correct customer base to fill unmet needs," said Bird. "The company calls its strategy, "Right Things, Right People, Right Time", and with the Avantra® Q400 Workstation, they delivered on this promise."

"The company attempts to make its supply chain partners extensions of its business, streamlining the pipeline and developing value-added services along the way," noted Bird. "It also employs a system for driving new product development built on innovation, quality, and productivity, allowing it to achieve rapid product time-to-market products and higher revenues."

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to the company that demonstrates innovation in developing a product. The recipient leverages leading edge technologies to offer value-added features while increasing the ROI for customers. In turn, the innovation enables the company to acquire new customers and increase their market penetration.

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About Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc.

Courtagen Life Sciences is a privately held life science company that provides innovative proteomic and genomic products and services to the Life Sciences industry. Founded by innovators in next-generation sequencing (NGS), genetics, molecular biology, and information science, our company deliver tools that enable researchers and clinicians to make better decisions regarding drug development and patient care. Courtagen provides proteomic and genomic solutions through its various operating divisions. More information can be found at

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